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Liquid Concentrates

We harvest the finest fruits at peak ripeness to help you create beverages as refreshing and flavourful as nature intended.

As nature intended

At Kerry, we work closely with fruit growers around the globe in the harvesting of the finest fruits for our smoothie, lemonade, cocktail and juice bases ensuring the freshest taste that nature intends. Our portfolio of branded or customised solutions contain real fruit and all natural flavours that are easy to prepare, offering our customers the perfect taste of nature all year round.
We have expert mixologists around the world who know how to craft traditional favourites and devise new flavours. Using the finest all natural ingredients and pure sugar, our portfolio of liquid concentrates and ready to use bases, allow operators and customers of all skillsets to master the art of mixology through a turn-key product and equipment solution.

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Holistic Beverage Solutions

We have the capability and know-how to make liquid concentrates that can be applied in a variety of beverage products including soft drinks, cocktails and mocktails. Learn more about how to partner with us.

Solutions Designed for Foodservice Operators

At Kerry, we create solutions tailored to our customers’ business needs. Customers can also leverage our brand portfolio of finished products, developed specifically with foodservice operators in mind, to create innovative menu solutions that will delight consumers.

Explore Kerry Foodservice
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